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Dahua 2MP Access ANPR Camera, DHI-IPMECS-2201C-IR

Dahua 2MP Access ANPR Camera

Dahua 9MP Speed Measuring System, HWS800A

Dahua 9MP Speed Measuring System

Dahua 3MP Spot Detection Camera (3.6mm Lens)

  • Detection of 6 parking spots; 3.6mm lens
  • Built-in deep learning algorithm helps monitoring the parking spot status in real-time. It can also recognise license plate, and detect behavior of crossing parking line.
  • Real-time detection of 6 parking spots. Detection rate of parking spot status: ≥99.5%, license plate recognition rate: ≥99%
  • 7 indicator colours are available to display the parking spot status.
  • RS-485 port is designed to connect to the indicator light. One indicator light for one parking spot.
  • Supports H.264, H.265, and MJPEG to meet encoding requirements in different bandwidths and storage environments. H.265 encoding allows high compression ratio and ultra-low bit rate transmission.
  • Supports cascading power supply through network. Standard 48V DC power supply. A maximum of 6 cascading devices provides ease of installation.
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Dahua Code: DHI-ITC314-PH3A-TF3-PON
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