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Dahua 9MP Speed Measuring System, HWS800A

Dahua 9MP Speed Measuring System

Dahua Multi-target Tablet Radar, ITARD-024MA-H

Dahua Multi-target Tablet Radar

Dahua Narrow Wave Tablet Radar

  • Fast response ensures high capture rate and real-time signal processing
  • Advanced radar signal processing and real-time data processing technologies
  • Adopts new algorithm for enhanced location stability and prolonged operation sustainability
  • Ideal for flexible and extensive applications
  • Low microwave radiation and power consumption, long service life, and high stability and reliability
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Dahua Code: DHI-ITARD-024SA-ST
The 24 GHz radar detector is a narrow beam radar with planar antenna system. It is specifically designed to detect moving vehicles to meet modern traffic management challenges.
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