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Dahua Narrow Wave Tablet Radar, ITARD-024SA-ST

Dahua Narrow Wave Tablet Radar

Dahua English IR LED Strobe Illuminator (IR7), DHI-ITALE-080BA-IR7-P

Dahua English IR LED Strobe Illuminator (IR7)

Dahua Multi-target Tablet Radar

  • One single radar covers up to 32 vehicles of 1–4 lanes
  • Precisely detects speed and position of vehicles when they are 18 m–35 m (59.1 ft–114.8 ft) away
  • Flexible to install: Either installed over the lane or at the side of a lane
  • Special functions such as detection of illegal lane change and wrong-way driving
  • The detection performance is not impaired by adjacent lane or vehicles in front of or behind the target vehicle
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Dahua Code: DHI-ITARD-024MA-H
The multilane radar detector can be installed over the lane to detect vehicles 15 m–45 m (49.2 ft–147.6 ft) away and cover vehicles of 1–4 lanes. It sends capture signals to the camera when the vehicle approaches the specific position, and also detects the vehicle speed and the lane that the vehicle is driving on.
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