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Dahua Straight Rod Barrier (Right, 3m), IPMECD-3012-RM30-T14

Dahua Straight Rod Barrier (Right, 3m)

Dahua Folding Arm Barrier (Right, 4m), IPMECD-3011-RM20-T20

Dahua Folding Arm Barrier (Right, 4m)

Dahua Straight Rod Barrier ( Left, 3m)

  • Straight arm (at the left side); modular design of casing, made of metal plate and aluminum
  • 3-meter straight arm, designed with buffer strip for enhanced safety.
  • Fast opening/closing speed: 4s
  • Anti-collision function: A turning gear is installed between the arm and the main shaft, so the arm will turn away when it is collided
  • Automatic opening in case of power failure
  • AC motor and spring with long lifespan: 5million times respectively
  • Opening and closing signal output
  • Anti-drop function realized by externally-connected radar, coil, or IR sensor
  • Remote control away from maximum 50 meters
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to + 70°C (40°F to + 158°F)
  • Operating voltage: 220V AC±15%
  • 1 Protection grade: IP55
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Dahua Code: DHI-IPMECD-3012-LM30-T14
The barrier primarily consists of top cover, casing, drive unit, control box, and barrier arm (either at the right side or at the left side). It can be used together with radar for access control.
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