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Dahua 3MP Spot Detection Camera (3.6mm Lens), ITC314-PH3ATF3PON

Dahua 3MP Spot Detection Camera (3.6mm Lens)

Dahua Narrow Wave Tablet Radar, ITARD-024SA-ST

Dahua Narrow Wave Tablet Radar

Dahua 9MP Speed Measuring System

  • 8MP,4/3"CCD, ICR cut
  • Dual stream including picture and video
  • Picture:3296 x 2472,coding:1-6 lanes(capture plate 1-4lanes).
  • Measure range: (5-350)km/h
  • Measure accuracy: <100km/h
  • (-4 ~ 0) km/h; >100km/h : (-4 - 0) %
  • capture rate: >95%
  • Vehicle type:90%
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Qvis Code
Dahua Code: DHI-HWS800A
The speed measuring system adopts a fully embedded system with functions such as vehicle speed measurement, image capture, video surveillance, and automatic recognition of number plate, lane, and large and small vehicles.
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