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Ajax Multi Transmitter (White), 20355.62.WH1

Ajax Multi Transmitter (White)

Ajax Multi Transmitter (White), 22988.62.WH1

Ajax Multi Transmitter (White)

Ajax Multi Transmitter (Black)

Key Features:

  • 18 Wired Zones
  • Data-rich alarms


  • Adding to the system by reading a QR-code
  • Wired devices connection
  • Mounting on a wall
  • Configuring via an app

PD 6662 Compliance

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Multi Transmitter is an integration module with 18 wired zones for connecting third-party detectors to the Ajax security system. To protect against dismantling, Multi Transmitter is equipped with two tampers. It is powered from the mains 100–240 V AC, and can also run on a 12 V backup battery. It can supply 12 V power to connected detectors.
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