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Ajax Motion Protect Plus (Black), 22944.02.BL1

Ajax Motion Protect Plus (Black)

Ajax Combi Protect (White), 22950.06.WH1

Ajax Combi Protect (White)

Ajax Motion Protect Outdoor (White)

MotionProtect Outdoor is a wireless outdoor motion detector for the Ajax security system. The detector communicates with the hub via protected Jeweller radio protocol at a distance up to 1,700 meters in the line of sight. Motion Protect Outdoor features protection against blocking the detector view (anti-masking system) and triggering by pets (pet immunity). The motion detection distance is adjustable: from 3 up to 15 meters.

PD 6662 Compliance

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To connect Motion Protect Outdoor to the hub, simply scan the QR code with your smartphone's camera. The installation of outdoor detectors is a professional task. It requires landscape assessment, understanding of potential break-in points, and prediction of possible problems with interference. To ensure that Motion Protect Outdoor works efficiently and to avoid false alarms, please contact a qualified engineer.

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