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Ajax Motion Cam (White), 22935.23.WH1

Ajax Motion Cam (White)

Ajax DualCurtain Outdoor (White), 26097.81.WH1

Ajax DualCurtain Outdoor (White)

Ajax Motion Cam (Black)

  • Motion Cam is a wireless motion detector with visual alarm verification for indoor use.
  • It operates for up to 4 years on bundled batteries, detects movement at up to 12 meters, ignores animals, but recognises a human move instantly.

PD 6662 Compliance

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Key Features:

With Motion Cam, you’ll know about the actual situation at home even before the burglars understand that they’re busted. An animated series of photos follows the instant motion alarm for an accurate situation appraisal.

  • 1) Motion Detected
  • 2) Alarm Raised
  • 3) Situation Captured

Motion Cam is designed to control your security, not your personal life. The motion detector is unable to take pictures by request. The camera activates only in response to a motion alarm.

  • Easy to pair with a QR code
  • Mobile app to adjust, test and control
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