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Ajax ReX (White), 22930.37.WH1

Ajax ReX (White)

Ajax ReX (Black)

ReX is a range extender of communication signals that expands the radio communication range of Ajax devices fitted with a hub up to 2-fold. It has a built-in tamper resistance and is equipped with a battery that provides up to 35 hours of operation without external power.
  • Transmits alarms in 0.3 seconds
  • Communicates at a distance of up to 1800m
  • Operates up to 35 hours on the back-up battery
  • All data is encrypted using a block cipher with a dynamic key
  • Indoor Installation

PD 6662 Compliance

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The second decision-making center

ReX runs on OS Malevich and is capable as the Hub. The intelligent extender manages its connected devices and makes critical decisions in a blink of an eye. The capabilities and the role of ReX in the security system continue to evolve with the free OS Malevich updates available for all users.

Intuitive connection and installation

To connect ReX to the system, scan the QR code, name it, and switch it on.

Security on a massive scale

ReX is the radio signal range extender that boosts the range of all Ajax security system devices and manages their communication with the hub.

More Information
Colour Black
Power Supply 110~240 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz
Operating Temperature From -10°С to +40°С
Dimensions 163 × 163 × 36 mm
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