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Ajax Kit 3 DD House with Keypad (White), 23343.74.WH1

Ajax Kit 3 DD House with Keypad (White)

Ajax Starter Kit (White)

The starter kit for the Ajax security system. The kit consists of the hub, motion detector, opening detector and key fob with panic button.
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Key Features:

  • Authentication to prevent forgery
  • Jamming detection and communication channels encryption
  • Tampering alarm
  • Assists in protecting the entrance from break-ins through windows and doors
  • Sends alarms to the owner's smartphone and Central Monitoring Station via GSM and Ethernet
  • Is controlled using the mobile app and key fob
More Information
Connected Devices 100
Users 50
Communication Channels Ethernet, GSM (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
Alarm Signal 0.15 s
SIM Card Support Micro SIM 2G
Video Surveillance Up to 10 cameras or DVRs
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